Happy New Year!

30. December 2013.

Unique Slovenia team wishes success and happiness in 2014! New year comes with glows of hopes in our mind. It gives us new confidence and courage for a fresh start Happy New Year and all the best for new ventures.

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Legend says Slovenia was created accidentally; as God was creating the world, he had a small area that he hadn’t formed, so, He decided to create a country where all the natural wonders would come together; The breathtaking Alps, magnificent valleys, crystal clear rivers, mysterious Karst cave world, charming coastline, rolling hills and pastoral flatland. So Slovenia was created…

Nestled between the soaring Alps and the radiant Adriatic, Slovenia is home to this world of natural wonders and also to cultural treasures and world-class gastronomic experiences that attest to this ancient land's rich history. Slovenia truly offers something for everyone. With all it’s major attractions in close proximity, you'll spend less time travelling from place to place and more time soaking up the wonderful atmosphere of the Slovenian way of life. 


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  • Custom-made tours and excursions for individuals and small groups
  • VIP services
  • Incentive programmes
  • Luxury accommodation (boutique hotels, private villas and unique chalets, luxury estates…)
  • Experienced travel professionals
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