Ljubljana from the air                               Ljubljana in the morning


Kostanjevica                                            Bohinj lake


 Bled lake                                                Pletna boat on Bled lake


Sunset over Piran                                    Izola before the storm


Planinsko polje                                        Bohinj lake in August


St. Trinity church                                      Pleterje monastery


Triglav, 2864 m                                        River cascades


Temnica                                                   Velika Planina in winter


Betnava                                                   Otocec


The mountains                                         Skiing paradise


Pohorje plain                                           "Zajamniki"


Coastal cliff                                              Calcite formation in Postojna cave


 Mountain lake                                         Gorenjska


Kapela wine region                                  Hrastovlje church




Most photos in this web site are copyright of Tomo Jeseničnik and Iztok Bončina.


Tomo Jeseničnik - A professional photographer since 1996. His passion for nature - mountains and forests, has made him one of the most recognised Slovenian photographers. Tomo’s photos have been published in over 60 various domestic and international magazines and newspapers. He is author and co-author of many photo monographics, books and various tourist publications. Tomo’s portfolio contains photos from classic landscapes, still life photography, to creative studio photography, portraits and photo articles.

Iztok Bončina - a photographer, tour guide, diver and a globetrotter. Since 1985 he has been travelling and guiding tourists all over the world. Iztok has a degree in professional photography from the New York Institute of Photography and presides to the Slovenian Association of Travel Photographers and Photoreporters. In recent years Iztok has published travel articles and photos in various Slovene and international magazines (Adria Airways Inflight Magazine, National Geographic Magazine…). At present he is the photo editor of the Slovenian edition of National Geographic Traveller (Popotnik).