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30. December 2013.

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Like Slovene culture, cuisine is also influenced by geography and history, with it’s uniqueness coming from local ingredients. As well as some great restaurants (some world-class), there are hundreds of little inns (gostilne) and tourist farms all around the country. They serve native and exquisite cuisine, based on “Grandma's recipes” and prepared in a way to cater for modern tastes. In fact, we pride ourselves in providing excellent local cuisine during our programmes and tours.  Whether or not you are a “gourmet-foody” or just an average eater, we will always adapt wining and dining to your preferences. 


The As restaurant is located in the centre of Ljubljana, hidden and just a few steps away from Prešeren Square. Feel the prestigious combination of cosmopolitan cultures in very harmonic and comfortable surroundings. Menu choice: Mediterranean dishes, fusion food, seafood, vegetarian dishes, grilled dishes, lunchtime menus, desserts, various Slovenian wines.


The CUBO Restaurant is sophisticated, with an ambient interior design and an excellent selection of dishes and selected drinks. Here are some of the restaurants specialities: Pasta Cubo, Risotto Cubo, Beef Carpaccio, Tuna-fish Carpaccio served on fresh arugula with sheep’s cheese, cherry tomato, and balsamic vinegar, Lamb chops with honey and couscous, White fish (John Dorry, scorpion fish, poached bass, gilthead), Vegetarian dishes, sweets, ...





Pri Danilu is known not only in Gorenjska but far beyond - one might say throughout Slovenia. The Slow Food Society of Škofja Loka gathers here, the culinary specialities of the house are modelled on the four seasons; the menu thus has a distinctly seasonal flavour. The owners are especially proud of their bread, which is freshly baked every day and they have also developed their own dessert specialities.


This family hotel and restaurant is situated close to the Joze Pucnik airport in Brnik. Treasures of Slovenian cuisine are offered in a modern way, yet the culinary heritage of our ancestors is fully preserved. Gourmets can enjoy a full range of top quality wines from all three wine regions in Slovenia.



Lectar is a traditional family- run restaurant. Local traditional meals are served in a pleasant, old-fashioned setting inside the inn and in a shaded garden. Apart from good food, it offers a wide selection of premium Slovenian wines. Skilful chefs will see that you get your delicious fill of excellent food, prepared according to local tradition. A large selection of meatless dishes, salads and desserts are also available.




Hiša Franko provides a retreat, as it sits peacefully and hidden near the slopes  of the Stol mountain range. Attention to detail and the art of cooking are combined here, using fragrant herbs, organic vegetables from the garden, united in a haromny of amazing aromas and tastes. The owner is also an excellent wine taster and sommelier; on his wine card you will find more than 350 different Slovenian labels.




The Kenda Manor has become a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux Hotel Association. The cuisine reflects the history and authenticity of Spodnja Idrija and its unique   traditions. Dishes are prepared according to proven old recipes using natural ingredients from the surrounding areas. In addition to vintage and high-quality wines from the winegrowing region of the Vipava Valley, also vintage and high-quality wines from the winegrowing regions of the Gorica Hills (Goriska Brda), Karst and Koper are to be found in the excellent wine selection of the Kenda Manor wine cellar.




The Pikol restaurant is located near Nova Gorica, on the edge of the Rožna dolina valley, at a romantic ornamental lake. The log-cabin style restaurant is known far and wide for it’s fish delicacies. The philosophy of it’s cuisine is oriented towards preparation of dishes in the most natural way possible, based on old traditional recipes whilst integrating the latest gastronomy world trends.



The restaurant "Pri Lojzetu" has existed for more than a decade, residing in Zemono Manor House and offering unique cuisine. Listing the meals would not have any sense. What is important to say is that Tomi, the owner, ensures only fresh, seasonal produce is sourced in order to provide a purity of flavour. Preparation techniques vary from entirely simple and traditional to complex. The restaurant "Pri Lojzetu" is also faithfully connected with the Slow Food movement.





The Torkla House was built on the foundations of an old Istrian torkla - olive oil press from the 18th century, in the idyllic Istrian village Korte. The restaurant is renowned for it’s preparation of truffles and truffle dishes, fish and fish specialties, Mediterranean and finest Karst dishes, not to mention delicious desserts.




Topolino is one of the best restaurants in the Gorenjska region. This is a Slow Food Inn and you can witness the culinary skills of the chef. It is committed to seasonal dishes, fresh ingredients, small portions and complementary wine for each course. The culinary imagination of Topolino is limitless and the combinations unusal (shrimps tails with young beans and peaches, steamed baby shrimp over pureed carrots with a sauce of caramel and balsamic vinegar). The restaurant has a large selection of Slovenian and International wines.



The Rajh Inn in Bakovci entices you with delicious food and beverages in a warm and pleasing atmosphere. The guests receive a warm reception accompanied with mouth-watering dishes leaving them feeling full and satisfied. The Inn offers typical gastronomic treats from the local Prekmurje region, as well as International cuisine. One of the most popular house specialities is “bograč” goulash and in addition to the extensive menu at least five delicious soups of the day are always available. The house's speciality is an extensive wine cellar with some of the best wines from all wine-growing regions of Slovenia as well as France, Italy and South Africa.



To visit the "JB" restaurant is a personal and social event, it is a true challenge! It is located at the beginning of the renowned Miklošičeva Street, which is decorated by many elements of the secessional architectural style, in the building designed by the world known Slovene architect Jože Plečnik. The professional, polite and organised staff  give their high valued seal of character to the kitchen which is of the highest quality.




Restaurant Apolonia is a fish restaurant. It is situated just a few hundred metres away from Sežana. It’s capacity isn't big, which means staff are able to provide each guest with a lot of attention, different tastes and new experiences. It is necessary to make a reservation.



The Pec inn , oasis of culinary delights  is located at the romantic bay on the Drava river bank and will make any of your culinary wishes come true. There is almost no dish that they cannot make. Their sommeliers will find the complementary wine for the food you select. Even the most demanding guests will enjoy the services of Matevž Visočnik, winner of the Georges Baptiste d hotel 2004 Championship held in Paris.




This is the first Slovenian Inn to be awarded an organic food certificate. Catering is in the family's blood and has been part of their life as long as anyone can remember, with a 700-year tradition in the business on the father's side of the family and a 240-year tradition on the mother's side. Today the Gostilna Krištof is mainly oriented towards modern culinary ideas based on an interweaving of the Slovene tradition and innovations in world cuisine. The overall philosophy is of course based on seasonal, fresh ingredients (at least 4 new menus a year, weekly menus, etc.) in combination with a wide selection of Slovene and foreign wines. The Krištof's wine list includes more than 150 wines to satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs.



The inn has a century-old tradition in the preparation of unforgettable, genuine home cooking. This house of hospitality is distinguished by a combination of culinary skills, originality and tradition, coupled with the continuous search for new ideas and tastes that are particularly appealing to the present-day traveller.