Slovenia Regions





…imagine romantic countryside of rich wheat-fields and picturesque wine-growing hills, sprinkled with idyllic villages with floating mills and flowers in the windows…

This is Prekmurje - a region “over the Mura” river, as its name suggests.                                                                     

It is a land of storks where every spring chimney-top nests are bursting with new life…

It is where hospitable people preserved the old traditional crafts and their distinct dialects…

It is the region of excellent wine and heavenly tasting traditional cuisine with its queen - gibanica, a sweet pastry, full of flavour and layers of walnuts, poppy seeds, apples and cottage cheese…

It is where the dried out Pannonian Sea enriched the soil the bursting hot thermal water and thus provided rejuvenation through unique natural curative medicine…   

Its verdant landscape of wide plains, gently rising to meet rounded hills covered in wine routes, offers an abundance sports A pair of storks on Lovenjak’s chimney and leisure activities - cycling, hiking and Nordic walking trails, golfing, rafting, horse-back riding…

Prekmurje and its Natural Park Goričko engage in sustainable tourism with the aim of preserving the untouched nature and natural habitat for variety of animal species like the otter.

Tourist attractions in Prekmurje:

GRAD - one of the largest castles in Slovenia, its 365 rooms are home to traditional handicrafts workshops, wedding hall, exhibition spaces and a wine cellar

WINE CELLARS OF RADGONA - production and tasting of high quality sparkling wine “Zlata Radgonska penina” in ancient wine cellars

BOGOJINA Church of the Lord’s Ascension - a masterpiece with distinct cylindrical bell tower of the most renowned Slovene architect Jože Plečnik

FILOVCI POTTERS’ VILLAGE - unique cultural heritage of traditional handmade black ceramics, baked in special ovens, made of mud, straw and soil

FLOATING MILLS ON MURA RIVER - Babič Mill in Veržej and Büjraši Museum Mill in Ižakovci are still grinding various sorts of flour in traditional way

GYPSY MUSIC, DANCING AND TRADITIONS - Roma settlement in Kamenci







Afternoon depart to Polana nearby Murska Sobota with a premium car and a driver / guide
Welcome reception in a family - run boutique  Štrk hotel
Traditional dinner at Dvor Lovenjak  accompanied by a top notch Gypsy band


Photos: Strk hotel

Helicopter flight over Prekmurje area
Landing  in Moravske toplice
Playing golf, endulging in Terme 3000 wellness centre or bicycling in the area (upon request)
Touring the Ocean orchids’ growing plant in Dobrovnik
Dinner in Rajh Inn


Early morning flight with hot air balloon
Landing on a meadow
Breakfast served outdoors in nature
Return to the hotel
“Buggy” driving  in the area (optional)
Farewell lunch at the hotel
Depart to Ljubljana by car